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The Power of Kombucha

Kombucha… ever heard of it? Although this fermented beverage may be new to you, this drink has actually been around for decades. It has recently become more popular and high in demand due to the spectacular benefits of the drink. The taste is most definitely acquired, however, once you learn of the dietary benefits it offers, you surely won’t want to miss out.

Kombucha can benefit you in multiple ways, ranging from entire guttural health, antioxidant and probiotic health, to even digestion. Due to the large amount of probiotics from the live bacteria, which is from the SCOBY (which will be discussed), it helps balance out gut health.

There is not enough supported evidence that kombucha is the cure-all for gut problems, however, there are researchers, scientists, medical doctors, and holistic practitioners that do believe drinking kombucha can aide in gut health relief.

Good bacteria

If you were a kid that grew up taking antibacterial medication due to ear or sinus infections, strep throat, or even certain dental infections, it is likely that your body does, particularly, your gut, not have enough good bacteria, since the antibacterial medication not only takes the bad bacteria out, but it also removes the good bacteria, which is critical for overall health. If you happen to be on an antibacterial medication, make sure to consume foods and beverages that contain plenty of probiotics (yogurt and kombucha have excellent sources of probiotics).

Good bacteria can lead to an abundance of positive outcomes for the body, such as the production of vitamin B12 and vitamin K, controlling the growth of harmful bacteria and breaking down substances that are challenging for the body to break down. So long story short, good bacteria is essential for optimal health. By making kombucha a part of one's daily routine, it can provide positive effects on the body, even if it isn't noticeable (FlexBooks).

What's up with SCOBY?

SCOBY: sounds cool but looks a little funky. SCOBY is a fun acronym that stands for symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. SCOBY is the part of the beverage that sits on top of the kombucha, which is where a lot of the nutritional benefits live. It takes about two to four weeks for the SCOBY to grow, so the process can be a bit lengthy.

Often times, people are unaware of the fact that bacteria is essential for optimal health. For instance, it can help repair any damaged tissue that was caused from taking too many probiotics, (which is stated above). The SCOBY of the kombucha is the most important part of the fermented beverage, so without it, the drink would not be full of nutritional benefits!

Daily dose of antioxidants

Since at Tripp's we use a black, passion fruit, and hibiscus tea, the high amount of antioxidants are derived from tea which is later on fermented. For some, taking in a few cups of fruit can be difficult, however, with kombucha, the antioxidants are provided in a single beverage! However, kombucha doesn't replace whole fruits, but it provides additional antioxidants for your body, which can become more beneficial during the winter months when the flu season is among us. More antioxidants=happier immune system.

Kombucha doesn't replace other essential foods

What can often be mistaken is that kombucha replaces the nutritional value of certain food groups or can be a fix all for illnesses, indigestion, or other health related issues. Kombucha can aid in a variety of problems, but it is still important to keep in mind to maintain a healthy and balanced diet that fits your bodily needs.

At Tripp's, our kombucha is made safely here at the Cafe. Our customers are able to purchase kombucha by a cup or by the flagon, which serves best for a person who likes to keep kombucha a part of their daily routine.

If you have any questions regarding kombucha and the flavors we offer, please reach out to the Cafe!

Happy drinking!


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16 sept 2020

You guys have the BEST kombucha! You have spoiled me and I won’t consume any other brands 😁

Me gusta
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